Invitation to Participate in US Domestic Industry-wide Data Survey Webinars

Having good industry environmental and safety performance data is at the heart of what allows trade associations to best represent its members. At AWC, we use data related to harvesting and manufacturing operations to communicate the good performance of our industry in both policy and the marketplace, and both are demanding increased transparency from industry.

For example, earlier this month, AWC released updated industry-wide environmental product declarations (EPDs) for six primary structural wood products: lumber, plywood, oriented strand board, I-joists, glulam, and LVL. The EPDs are not only important communications tools, but also allow use of these products to earn points in the major systems that rate green buildings. Absent compliant EPDs for wood products, designers may select competing products for which EPDs are readily available to gain credit. Additionally, the biennial AWC Environmental, Energy and Safety (EE&S) survey uses data that we collect from the industry to produce our EE&S Report, showing how the industry has improved across a wide range of environmental and safety criteria.

Previously, AWC collected data for each of the two needs separately. However, the data we are collecting overlaps and if we consolidate our industry surveys into one we will be reducing the burden on industry and hopefully increase the participation rate, so the data will have increased impact.

AWC is preparing for the next generation of needed data and is launching an industry-wide collection initiative. The database will serve AWC and other organizations that have a legitimate need for industry-wide data, all while protecting mill confidentiality. But we can only use the data to engage on your behalf if we have an adequate number of participants. Consequently, we are seeking to increase the number of mills participating in the survey. Notably, the trend in LEED and other rating systems is to only allow manufacturers that provide data to use the resulting EPDs. By initiating the process this summer, AWC hopes to have a super-majority of manufacturers participate and be eligible to use the EPDs.

To provide the industry with an understanding of what is needed, AWC will be hosting two webinars to share our improved mill surveys. A small committee of AWC members has already provided input on the data elements in the new surveys, helping us to balance the need for additional data with the collection burdens on mills. It is our hope that you and/or someone from your company will participate in the webinar which will discuss data needs around procurement of wood, distribution of products, and various inputs and outputs. This is your opportunity to review the data requested by the surveys and have your questions answered. The final webinar will convene all stakeholders for a Q&A and to discuss outstanding issues and the schedule for launching the surveys.

Please join us on:
July 9 at 2 PM – 4 PM EST Plywood, OSB, Glulam, I-joist, and laminated veneer lumber manufacturers
July 10 at 2 PM – 4 PM EST Lumber manufacturers
July 21 at 11 AM – 1 PM EST Q&A Summary Session and Next Steps.

Draft data surveys will be provided for your review upon registration for the webinars and we will review the surveys in detail during the session. Please respond to Kenneth Bland,, if you wish to participate and meeting information will be provided.