Third-party verified wood product EPDs renewed

May 21, 2018

LEESBURG, VA. – Nine American Wood Council (AWC) environmental product declarations (EPDs) for North American wood products have been granted a one-year extension by Underwriters Laboratories Environment (ULE), an independent certifier of products and their sustainability. 

EPDs are standardized tools that provide information about the environmental footprint of the products they cover. The North American wood products industry has taken its EPDs one step further by obtaining third-party verification in accordance with ISO 14025. All of the wood product EPDs can be found here.

“Wood is the go-to material for builders in the United States for good reason. It’s easy to build with, resilient and is the only building material made from renewable resources that sequester carbon,” said AWC Vice President, Codes & Regulations Kenneth Bland. “These third-party verified EPDs provide users with a science-based tool to understand and weigh what environmental factors are important to them when making their product selections." 

The following are the renewed EPDs by extension period.

April 16, 2019   July 23, 2019
North American Glued-Laminated Timbers   North American Wood I-Joists
North American Oriented Strand Board    
North American Softwood Lumber   September 17, 2019
North American Softwood Plywood   Redwood Decking
July 12, 2019   November 13, 2019
North American Laminated Veneer Lumber   Medium Density Fiberboard


The North American Cellulosic Fiberboard and North American Laminated Strand Lumber EPDs are third-party verified through February 24, 2021. The North American Hardboard EPD is verified through August 31, 2021.

All of the EPDs were developed in conjunction with the Canadian Wood Council, with the exception of the Redwood Decking EPD, which was developed with the California Redwood Association. All of the wood product EPDs and Transparency Briefs can be found on the AWC website: