Wood products industry releases Weights and Measurement Labeling guidelines

Feb 24, 2015

WASHINGTON – The American Wood Council has collaborated with companies and organizations in the lumber industry to release recommended guidelines for Weights and Measurement Labeling.

The guidelines can be found on the AWC website for reference: 

All states have laws and regulations describing how lumber must be labeled in order to protect consumers. Many states use the Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities, otherwise known as NIST Handbook 130, as the basis for these regulations.

"Concern has been raised recently on how lumber is being labeled for retail sale," said AWC President and CEO Robert Glowinski. "To assist industry manufacturers in understanding the requirements of NIST Handbook 130, as applied to lumber, we have placed an easily digestible synopsis on our website and encourage the industry to use it as a resource."

Given the potential variation among individual state requirements, however, manufacturers are strongly encouraged to consult with their own counsel and advisors regarding labeling of their products.