American Wood Council Applauds White House Rural Council and USDA Secretary Vilsack for Acknowledging Wood Products' Benefits

Mar 18, 2014

WASHINGTON – American Wood Council President and CEO Robert Glowinski issued the following statement in response to this morning's White House Rural Council(WHRC) workshop titled "Building with Wood: Jobs and the Environment," in which U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack proclaimed wood to be one of the world's "most advanced" building materials.

"On behalf of the wood products manufacturing industry, I applaud WHRC Chairman and USDA Secretary Vilsack for his leadership in highlighting the important benefits that the increased use of wood building products can play in supporting strong rural economies, mitigating climate change, and improving the health of the nation's forests. We appreciate the opportunity for our organization to participate in today's event and look forward to working with the USDA and Secretary Vilsack to further increase understanding among federal, state, local government and private sector partners on how wood can be used in building construction to meet environmental, energy, and sustainability goals.

"Wood building products provide numerous environmental benefits, not the least of which is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and storing atmospheric carbon for decades. Wood products manufacturing also requires much less energy and results in less air and water pollution than many alternative building materials. We applaud USDA for its recent efforts and strongly encourage continued coordination between industry and government to achieve mutual goals benefitting consumers, the environment, and the wood products manufacturing industry."