AWC Releases New Publication to Aid Code Conformance When Building with Wood

Sep 04, 2013

LEESBURG, VA – The American Wood Council (AWC) has released a set of new publications summarizing allowable wood use in buildings in accordance with the International Code Council (ICC) 2009 International Building Code® (IBC®).

Titled Code Conforming Wood Design (CCWD), the documents feature an overview of the building code compliant design allowances for wood in commercial occupancy groups, although they should not be considered a replacement for the IBC. The documents are organized to help engineers, architects, and building officials better understand how wood can be used in a variety of applications.

Developed in cooperation with ICC, the free, downloadable CCWD series includes a comprehensive document summarizing wood use in the IBC. A series of smaller documents are specific to eight different ICC use groups such assembly, business and educational buildings.

"We are excited about the partnership with ICC on this project and the potential for this document to really impact how designers approach the building code with respect to wood design and construction," said AWC Vice President of Codes and Regulations Kenneth Bland, PE.

"Explaining building code provisions based on occupancy classification and specific types of construction, as the CCWD has done for Types III, IV and V construction, will assist building officials, designers, and contractors in applying the most relevant code provisions with ease," said ICC Executive Vice President and Director of Business Development Mark Johnson.

Wood construction offers distinct design options typically not found in a single structural material. It is inexpensive, readily available, easy to work with, strong, and adaptable. The economic, environmental, and energy efficiency advantages account for more buildings being constructed of wood than any other structural material.

For more information or to download your free copy, click here.