American Wood Council Statement on President Obama's State of the Union Address

Jan 27, 2011
WASHINGTON – American Wood Council President Robert Glowinski today issued the following statement in reaction to Tuesday's State of the Union address delivered by President Obama. 

"We are heartened by the message of competitiveness, exports and jobs delivered by the President in his State of the Union address. This, combined with his announcement last week pledging to evaluate regulations through the lens of job creation and economic growth, is cause for optimism. Now, the regulators must adhere to those pledges. 

"American businesses are at the heart of a strong U.S. economy, and the President's commitment to streamline processes and remove barriers to businesses' success is a step in the right direction. Our country needs the types of manufacturing jobs that the wood products sector provides. Regulations such as Boiler MACT and Wood MACT, which is before EPA currently, have tremendous potential to impact how companies do business and their ability to employ hard-working Americans. 

"The wood products industry employs 360,000 people and makes products that are essential to everyday life. Our products are a renewable resource and are environmentally beneficial as they store carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. 

"The coming year is sure to have many challenges, and we stand ready to work with policymakers in Congress and the Administration to represent the men and women who work in the wood products industry."