American Wood Council - Working Together for a Successful, Stable Future for Wood Products

Jul 07, 2010

WASHINGTON – The American Wood Council (AWC) has completed final steps to establish itself as an independent trade association representing traditional and engineered wood product manufacturers. In AWC, companies of all sizes and from across numerous wood product segments have joined together to have an effective voice for wood products. In creating the independent association, AWC will provide the industry with a forum to work together on issues related to building codes and standards, green building, and environmental regulations affecting wood products manufacturers.

"U.S. wood products companies face tremendous pressure from the economy, environmental regulation, and competing materials," said Robert Glowinski, new AWC President. "In the face of these challenges, no single company can by itself achieve the changes necessary to ensure a level playing field and survival. Now, more than ever, strength is found in numbers."

Wood products companies from across the nation agree on the need to work together. Marc Brinkmeyer, Chairman of the Board of the Idaho Forest Group and AWC Board Chairman said, "By working together as a coalition, the industry can have the resources, clout, and credibility to achieve policies that can secure a strong future for the wood products industry. As an industry, from the smallest companies to the largest, we are excited about the launch of AWC."

Joe Patton, Vice President for Wood Products at The Westervelt Company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and 1st Vice Chairman of AWC, said, "AWC is seeking to expand the force and effectiveness of its advocacy efforts by ensuring that they reflect the full range and diversity of America’s wood products industry. Such a broad base of support not only enhances advocacy efforts before Congress and key policymaking bodies, but also helps ensure that all those who benefit from these efforts are helping to support them."

AWC is both an old organization as well as a brand new one. For 15 years, it has been an integral part of the American Forest & Paper Association, the U.S. trade association representing the forest products industry. Prior to that, it was part of the National Forest Products Association. Through its predecessors, the functions of AWC were first established in the United States by the industry in 1902.  AWC is and always has been the technical arm of the U.S. wood products industry. 

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