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Jackson Morrill
President & CEO

Robert Glowinski
President & CEO Emeritus

Building Codes & Standards
AWC's Building Codes & Standards group protects and expands recognition of wood products in model, state, and local building codes. It also develops state-of-the-art engineering data, technology, and standards on structural wood products for use by design professionals and building officials, to assure safe and efficient design and use of wood structural elements. Additionally, it provides technical information, technical publications, and distance learning on wood design for engineered and traditional wood products. AWC Field staff are located in 5 primary regions of the US.

Linda Balsavage
Coordinator, Operations

Bradford K. Douglas, P.E.
Vice President, Engineering

Bryan Knight
Manager, Web Development

Philip Line, P.E.
Senior Director, Structural Engineering

Ray O'Brocki, C.B.O.
Manager, Fire Service Relations

Loren Ross, P.E.
Manager, Engineering Research

Heather Stegner
Vice President, Communications & Educational Outreach

Kenneth E. Bland, P.E.
Vice President, Codes & Regulations

Lori Koch, P.E.
Director, Educational Outreach

Peter Mazikins, P.Eng.
Senior Manager, Engineering Standards

Kim Paulson
Coordinator, Education and Operations

Jason Smart, P.E.
Manager, Engineering Technology

Dr. Kuma Sumathipala, P.Eng.
Director, Fire & Energy Technologies

Field Staff

Paul D. Coats, P.E., C.B.O.
Southeast Regional Manager
Email: pcoats@awc.org
Phone: 803-417-8485

James B. Smith, P.E.
Midwest Regional Manager
Email: jsmith@awc.org
Phone: 608-635-6635

For the Western, Alaska (II), and Hawaii (I) Region,
please contact info@awc.org.
David P. Tyree, P.E., C.B.O
Central Regional Manager
Email: dtyree@awc.org
Phone: 719-492-3990

Matthew Hunter, BCO
Northeast Regional Manager
Email: mhunter@awc.org
Phone: 484-353-2509

Green Buildings

AWC's Green Buildings team works closely with model, state, and local code and legislative groups, as well as with many standards developing organizations to ensure that wood is properly represented. Wood is the perfect green building material because it is renewable, stores carbon that reduces greenhouse gases, and is energy efficient.

Kenneth E. Bland
Rating Systems and Standards
Vice President, Codes & Regulations
Jeffrey Bradley
General Questions
Manager, Wood Products Policy
Heather Stegner
Vice President, Communications & Educational Outreach
Andrew Dodson
Vice President, Government Affairs
Jerry Schwartz
Federal Agencies
Sr. Director, Energy & Environmental Policy
Linda Balsavage
General Questions
Coordinator - Operations

Federal & State Government Affairs Program

Andrew Dodson
Vice President, Government Affairs
Matthew Poe
Public Policy Coordinator
Environmental Regulation

AWC's Environmental Regulations team provides credible data and policy recommendations that ensure the wood products industry's interests are understood and respected. Wood product facility environmental regulations include Wood MACT, Boiler MACT, and wood dust.

Tim Hunt
Wood MACT, Boiler MACT
Senior Director, Air Quality Programs
Stewart Holm
Public Policy
Chief Scientist
Heather Stegner
Vice President, Communications & Educational Outreach
Andrew Dodson
Vice President, Government Affairs
Stan Lancey
Wood Dust Combustibility
Chief Economist
Kenneth E. Bland
Wood Dust Combustibility
Vice President, Codes & Regulations