WS6-1.4 One-Hour Fire-Resistive Wood-Frame Wall Assembly
2x6 Wood Stud Wall - 100% Design Load - ASTM E 119 / NFPA 251

1. Framing - Nominal 2x6 wood studs, spaced 16 in. o.c., double top plates, single bottom plate
2. Sheathing - 5/8 in. Type X gypsum wallboard, 4 ft. wide, applied vertically. All panel edges backed by framing or blocking.
3. Insulation - R-19 fiberglass insulation
4. Fasteners - 2-1/4 in. #6 Type S drywall screws, spaced 12 in. o.c.
5. Joints and Fastener Heads - Wallboard joints covered with paper tape and joint compound, fastener heads covered with joint compound

Tests conducted at NGC Testing Services
Test No:WP-1346 (Fire Endurance)     August 22, 2003
              WP-1351 (Hose Stream)       September 17, 2003

Third Party Witness: NGC Testing Services

This assembly was tested at 100% design load, calculated in accordance with the 2005 National Design Specification® for Wood Construction. The authority having jurisdiction should be consulted to assure acceptance of this report.


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