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2012 NDSĀ® and 2012 WFCM Available for Purchase

AWC's newest standards, the 2012 NDS and 2012 WFCM, are available for purchase. The 2012 NDS is available both in print and electronic format (PDF). The 2012 WFCM is only available electronically. Click on either image to the right for more information.

2012NDS 2012WFCM

About Southern Pine Design Values

The American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) Board of Review has approved changes to design values for all grades and all sizes of visually-graded Southern Pine and Mixed Southern Pine lumber with a recommended effective date of June 1, 2013 to allow for their orderly implementation.

AWC has developed addenda and other updates to use with new construction designed in accordance with its standards and design tools. covercover
covercover AWC has also developed recommended amendments to span tables for new construction designed in accordance with ICC model building codes.

For more information, visit www.spib.org and www.southernpine.com.

Grow the Vote

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The American Wood Council has developed a guide containing information on the issues that matter to the forest products industry that are before the U.S. Congress. Every day decisions are made that impact jobs and economic growth in forest products communities across the nation, and this site makes it easy to get involved and stay connected. Grow the Vote also allows you to Take Action on these hot issues and send letters to your Members of Congress with only a few clicks of your mouse. More>>.

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