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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on flitch beams or composite wood members?

Structure Magazine article titled "Flitch Plate Beams - Design Guide" by Jim DeStefano, P.E., which includes coverage of the design of connections for composite beams:

McGraw Hill's Wood Engineering and Construction Handbook, 3rd Edition by Faherty and Williamson, contains a design example problem in section 10.3 on Wood-Metal composites. This is available on ICC's website at http://www.iccsafe.com/

Kluwer Academic Publishers' Structural Design in Wood by Stalnaker and Harris, contains several design example problems in Section 13-4 on Wood Beams Reinforced with Metal. ISBN 0-412-10631-0

A publication is available on request as an archival copy through the NAHB Research Center titled, Flitch Plate and Steel I-Beams - Beam Series 5. ISBN 0-86718-141-9. It contains tabulated information on flitch beams up to 20ft spans.

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